Sisterm has more than 20 years of experience in projects and installations of air conditioning systems. Sisterm develops projects of air conditioning systems for comfort and processes in the most different commercial and industrial applications.

The basics steps of a project pass through the identification of the site necessity, sizing of the system, technical design of the desired situation, equipment specification, technical memorial, flowchart of the system operation, among others.

To develop the solution, some computational engineering tools (softwares) are used:

  • Cooling load (Energy Plus);
  • Building simulation (Energy Plus);
  • Air distribution (figure 1);
  • Water pump systems (figure 2).

Computational tools contributes to the solution design and to reduce the operational costs of the project.

Design and Installations samples:

  • Banks;
  • Commercial offices;
  • Stores;
  • Restaurants;
  • Industrial kitchens;
  • Clean rooms (pharmaceutical, hospital, etc);
  • Laboratories;
  • Industries laundries;
  • Industries.
Projetos de sistemas de ar condicionado e refrigeração

Water Distribution Systems (fig.1)

Projetos de sistemas de ar condicionado e refrigeração

Air Distribution Systems (fig.2)